The Reaper (HOT)

Delicious Heat. Flavorful Heat. Created to flirt and satisfy all your spicy tatebuddies!
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All you HEAT LOVERS... This Tri-Blend 3-IN-1 Sauce is just for you! Want some pep in your step?. Let this caliente combination of Scorpion pepper, Ghost pepper and Carolina Reaper light-up your taste buddies for one of the hottest taste-bud parties of the year. This flavor-full heat will give you the snap, crackle and pop you love! No need to give you hot and no we cooked it up 3 times as nice! Remember, it works great as a marinade, hotsauce and a bbq sauce bringing a flavorful heat to a variety of cuisine types. Enjoy, and spice up your life with a little Reaper!

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