Ghost Heat

Ghost Pepper is for those who want to spice things up a bit. It provides Heat to any tastebud party!
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This gourmet Tri-Blend 3-IN-1 sneaks up on you just as its name suggests...Ghost Heat. As the moist peppers rest on your tongue, you quickly realize they aren't there for pain but pleasure. These lovely peppers were funished to comfortably introduce you to a gentle and gourmet level of spice. The intensity of the heat is never forced yet always inviting. The fiery blend dances on the tips of your tongue as your lips and throat wear this ghost heat much like a cozy sweatshirt. Just when you think the fun is over, you feel the sensations of a sizzle, crackle and a few pops here and there letting you know that you're playing with fire. Friendly fire that is. 

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