Shakey’s Sweet Heat LLC presents to you:
Shakey's 3-IN-1 Gormet Sauce.
"Tastes so good...it goes on anything!"
With over 100 years of expertise, Shakey’s 3-IN-1 Gourmet Sauce is the first triple threat sauce of its kind:
BBQ sauce! Hot sauce! & Marinade!
The legendary, Mr. John Henry Broomfield, aka "Shakey" resides in little ole Louisville, GA is the creator of this awesome sauce and has entrusted his 100 year old receipe to his daughter and grandson in an effort to supply families around the world with some good ole Georgia Souuthern Hospitality Taste!
Shakey combined the savory taste of vinegar base sauce with the right amount of kick!
With that being said, grab a snack, shred a salad or bring out the grill and get your taste buddies ready!
This sauce tastes so good...it goes on anything!
Shakey's Awesome Sauce: Sauce differently!

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